• Child rights manifesto


  • Candidates to the European Parliament: become Child Rights Champions!
  • European elections are coming up. Vote for a Child Rights Champion!
  • These 14 Civil Society Organisations have written the Manifesto and are running this campaign
  • Thanks to all Child Rights Champions!


We call upon the Members of the European Parliament to sign our Manifesto and become a “Child Rights Champion”



  • Around 100 million children live in the European Union. And children make up half the population developing countries.
  • Their lives are affected daily by EU policies, law-making and actions.
  • All EU Member States signed the UN Child Rights Convention (UNCRC) and therefore have to promote, protect and fulfill the rights of every child within their borders.
  • The Lisbon Treaty makes the promotion of children’s rights an explicit objective for the European Union.
  • And the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights requires that the best interests of the child is a primary consideration in all EU action.

As a Member of the European Parliament: Make a commitment and become a Child Rights Champion!

For those MEPs who have already signed the Manifesto, it is now time to translate these commitments into concrete results for children!