Press Statement

6 March 2017




We, in the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights welcome that the Council of the European Union has finally adopted new “Guidelines for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Child – Leave no child behind”.


Children are exposed to discrimination, violence, abuse and exclusion worldwide. Therefore, we welcome that the Council takes a holistic approach to the EU external action, identifying multiple kinds of measures, ranging from legislation to national strategies and cooperation with Third countries to promote and protect children’s rights across the World.


The new guidelines include many of the recommendations of the European Parliament, which has been at the forefront for the fight for children’s rights.


“It is now up to Member States to uphold the principles embedded in the new guidelines and take the necessary steps to ensure that best interest of the child is always a primary consideration in all actions, as well as that there is substantive access to justice for all children”, said MEPs Corazza Bildt and Chinnici, Co-Chairs of the Intergroup on Children’s Rights.


“It is of paramount importance that there is policy coherence between EU external action and member states foreign policy to strengthen our global impact.

Member states should also take their shared responsibility in mainstreaming the best interest of the child in all EU internal policies.


In particular, as we are revising the Common European Asylum System, Member States should endorse such a rights-based approach also for migrant children in the EU.  It is crucial to foster family reunification and relocation; to speed up cross-border cooperation, information sharing and registration to combat traffickers and protect missing children”, concluded MEP Corazza Bildt.

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