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    Become a #ChildRightsChampion

    Future MEPs can ensure the EU delivers for children by:

    1. Re-establishing the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights and working together with children, civil society and international organisations to build a more holistic internal and external agenda for children.
    2. Ensuring the next long-term EU Budget invests in children and areas that impact them, particularly through Cohesion policy (European Social Fund + and European Regional and Development Fund), the Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument, the Asylum and Migration Fund, the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance and the Rights and Values and Erasmus+ programmes.
    3. Making sure the EU adopts a Child Guarantee so that every impoverished or socially excluded child in Europe can access basic services.
    4. Ensuring political parties engage with and listen to children by supplying child friendly information about policies affecting them, providing opportunities for children to share their views and encouraging children to give feedback on the services they use.
    5. Guaranteeing the new European Parliament promotes and protects children’s rights regardless of children’s origin or migration status.
    6. Ensuring the new European Parliament champions a comprehensive EU strategy on ending all forms of inequality, segregation, discrimination and violence against children, including girls and young women, everywhere.
    7. Making sure the European Parliament stands up for foreign and domestic policies which respect the rights of children by providing comprehensive child protection systems, supporting the transition to family and community-based care, protecting children in conflict and investing in children so they can survive and thrive.
      I, the undersigned, commit to this call to action and pledge to become a Child Rights Champion in the European Parliament.