The Champions 2014

Below is the list of Members of the European Parliament who are committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the 2014 term.

You can search for MEPs (free text) or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.We are grateful to their commitment.

Total Child Rights Champions : 100

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    Photo Lastname Firstname Party Constituency Country Page detail
    Durand Pascal Greens/EFA Ile-de-France Detail
    Eickhout Bas Greens/EFA Netherlands Detail
    Evans Jill Greens/EFA Wales Detail
    Gál Kinga EPP Hungary Detail
    Gebhardt Evelyne S&D Baden-Württemberg Detail
    Geier Jens S&D Germany Detail
    Geringer de Oedenberg Lidia S&D Lower Silesia and Opole Detail
    Goerens Charles ALDE Luxembourg Detail
    Grapini Maria S&D Romania Detail
    Griesbeck Nathalie ALDE Est Detail
    Grossetête Françoise EPP Sud-Est Detail
    Guillaume Sylvie S&D South-East Detail
    Harkin Marian ALDE Midlands-Northwest Detail
    Hatjigeorgiou Takis GUE/NGL Cyprus Detail
    Häusling Martin Greens/EFA Germany Detail
    Hautala Heidi Greens Suomi Detail
    Hayes Brian EPP Dublin Detail
    Hedh Anna S&D Sweden Detail
    Hellvig Eduard-Raul ALDE Romania Detail
    Howitt Richard S&D East Detail

    The Child Rights Manifesto was launched ahead of the European Parliament elections in 2014 by a coalition of child-focused organisations committed to ensuring children’s rights are promoted, protected and fulfilled across the EU’s work. To date, more than 100 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have pledged to become child rights champions in the Parliament through signing the Child Rights Manifesto. Many of those MEPs have joined the Child Rights Intergroup in the European Parliament.