The 2019 Child Rights Champions

Find out which European Parliamentary candidate has committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the European Parliament term 2019-2024.

You can search for Members of the European Parliament or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.

Total Child Rights Champions : 306

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    Photo Last Name First Name Party Constituency Country Page detail
    FERRAO Rui Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    Aires Sergio Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    Monteiro Carlos Alberto Bloco de Esquerda POMBAL Detail
    Pires de Carvalho Izaura Solipa Figueira Bloco de Esquerda Santarem Detail
    Silva Pereira Pedro Partido Socialista (Portugal) Portugal Detail
    Figueiredo Maria Helena Bloco de Esquerda Évora Detail
    Abreu Alexandre Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    Gusmao Jose Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    Cunha Lucia Pereira Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    Morais Amilcar Bloco de Esquerda Portugal Detail
    rodrigues anabela bloco de esquerda xx Detail
    Honorio Filipe LIVRE Portugal Detail
    Soares Maria Teresa Bloco de Esquerda Parliamentary Candidate - Europe Detail
    Raposinho Diamantino Livre Portugal Detail
    Pinto Filipa LIVRE Portugal Detail
    Mota Teresa LIVRE Braga Detail
    Azevedo Jose LIVRE Portugal Detail
    Goncalves de Almeida Xavier Barbara Ines Bloco de Esquerda Bloco de Esquerda Detail
    Grapini Maria S&D Romania Detail
    Mansson Bengtsson Joakim Feministiskt Initiativ Sweden Detail