The 2019 Child Rights Champions

Find out which European Parliamentary candidate has committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the European Parliament term 2019-2024.

You can search for Members of the European Parliament or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.

Total Child Rights Champions : 306

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    Photo Last Name First Name Party Constituency Country Page detail
    van Bokhoven Boris Volt Netherlands Detail
    Zenthofer Andreas D66 Netherlands Detail
    Hakbijl Chantal CDA Netherlands Detail
    Timmermans Frans PvdA The Netherlands Detail
    Metsola Roberta EPP Malta Detail
    Dalli Miriam Labour Party Malta Detail
    Sant Alfred Partit Laburista (Malta) Malta Detail
    Borg Knight Roselyn Malta Nationalist Party National Detail
    Tolu Mina Alternattiva Demokratika - The Green Party Malta Detail
    Loskutovs Aleksejs Vienotība Rīga Detail
    Akulics Sergejs Attīstībai Par Latvia Detail
    Celmins Miks Attistibai/Par! Latvia Detail
    Jesajana Jelena Attīstībai/Par! Latvia Detail
    Geikina Laima Attistibai/Par! Latvia Detail
    Goerens Charles ALDE Luxembourg Detail
    KMIOTEK Christian déi gréng Luxembourg Detail
    ANGEL Marc LSAP (PSE) lux Detail
    Semedo Monica DP - Demokratesch Partei Luxembourg Detail
    Sehovic Meris déi gréng Luxembourg Detail
    Thoma Carole déi Lénk Luxembourg Detail