The 2019 Child Rights Champions

Find out which European Parliamentary candidate has committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the European Parliament term 2019-2024.

You can search for Members of the European Parliament or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.


Total Child Rights Champions : 306

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    Photo Last Name First Name Party Constituency Country Page detail
    Diderich Gary déi Lénk Minett Detail
    Tafrov Stefan Democratic Bulgaria Bulgaria Detail
    Sebian-Petrovszki Laszlo Democratic Coalition 8 Detail
    Ara-Kovacs Attila Democratic Coalition Party VI. Detail
    Bodnar Alex Szilveszter Democratic Coalition Party 25. Detail
    Zsolt Horvath Demokratikus Koalíció Budapest 8. VK. Detail
    Konczer Erik Demokratikus Koalicio Komarom-Esztergom Detail
    Nemes Laszlo Demokratikus Koalicio/Democratic Coalition Budapest XX. Detail
    Horvath Jacint Demoratic Coalition Hungary, Zala County 3. Detail
    Vana Monika Die Grünen Austria Detail
    Schobesberger Thomas Die Grünen Austria Detail
    Flach Gomez Kathrin DIE LI Germany Detail
    Haydt Claudia DIE LINKE Germany Detail
    Ernst Cornelia DIE LINKE. Sachsen Detail
    Michels Martina DIE LINKE. Berlin & Sachsen-Anhalt Detail
    Eorsi Matyas DK Hungary Detail
    Graas Gusty DP Luxembourg Detail
    Daems Anne DP - Democratic Party Luxembourg Detail
    Semedo Monica DP - Demokratesch Partei Luxembourg Detail
    Bilbao Barandica Izaskun EAJ-PNV Spain Detail