The 2019 Child Rights Champions

Find out which European Parliamentary candidate has committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the European Parliament term 2019-2024.

You can search for Members of the European Parliament or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.

Total Child Rights Champions : 306

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    Photo Last Name First Name Party Constituency Country Page detail
    Baxter Jayne Labour Scotland Detail
    Moody Clare Labour Party (United Kingdom) South West and Gibraltar Detail
    Moraes Claude Labour Party London Detail
    Anderson Martina Sinn Féin Northern Ireland Detail
    Griffin Theresa Labour North West England Detail
    Dance Seb Labour Party (United Kingdom) London Detail
    Tannock Charles Conservative Party (United Kingdom) London Detail
    Corbett Richard Labour Party (United Kingdom) Yorkshire and the Humber Detail
    Chapman Maggie Scottish Green Party Scotland Detail
    Kouloglou Stelios SYRIZA all of Greece Detail
    SAKORAFA SOFIA MeRA25 the whole of Greece Detail
    Kuneva Kostadinka Coalition of the Radical Left (Greece) Greece Detail
    Ackermans Monique Greens-Solidarity Heraklion Detail
    Papageorgiou Alia Aglaia Green solidarity Greece Trikala Detail
    Kounanis George Ecologist Greens Greece Detail
    Paschalidis-Gerostergiou Iason Greens-Solidarity (ΟΙΚΟΛΟΓΙΑ ΠΡΑΣΙΝΟΙ ΑΛΛΗΛΕΓΓΥΗ) Greece Detail
    Kokkalis Petros KOSMOS - SYRIZA/PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE Greece Detail
    Cavouras Dimitris Greens Solidarity / Πράσινοι Αλληλεγγύη Greece Detail
    RELLAS ANTONIOS SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) ATTICA Detail