The 2019 Child Rights Champions

Find out which European Parliamentary candidate has committed to be a Child Rights Champion during the European Parliament term 2019-2024.

You can search for Members of the European Parliament or sort the list to better find the ones from your country or constituency.

Total Child Rights Champions : 306

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    Photo Last Name First Name Party Constituency Country Page detail
    Benifei Brando Partito Democratico (Italia) North-West Detail
    Bonafe Simona Partito Democratico (Italia) Central Detail
    Diaz Crescitelli Matias Eduardo MoVimento 5 Stelle North-eastern Italy Detail
    Viotti Daniele Partito Democratico (Italia) North-West Detail
    Caputo Nicola Partito Democratico (Italia) Southern Detail
    Salini Massimiliano Forza Italia (Italy) North-West Detail
    Casa Lorenzo Unione di Centro (Italy) Southern Detail
    Beghin Tiziana Movimento 5 Stelle (Italy) North-West Detail
    Cozzolino Andrea Partito Democratico (Italia) South Detail
    Sassoli David Partito Democratico (Italia) Central Detail
    De Monte Isabella Partito Democratico (Italia) North-East Detail
    Puglisi Francesca Partito Democratico Nord-est Detail
    Dentico Nicoletta Possibile central italy Detail
    Castaldo Fabio Massimo Movimento 5 Stelle Italia centrale Detail
    Evi Eleonora Movimento 5 Stelle North-West Detail
    ADINOLFI Isabella MoVimento 5 Stelle Southern Italy Detail
    di Feo Christian Movimento 5 Stelle Italia Nord Occidentale Detail
    Chinnici Caterina Partito Democratico Isole Detail
    Goerens Charles ALDE Luxembourg Detail
    KMIOTEK Christian déi gréng Luxembourg Detail