Support for Ukrainian children entering the EU


                                                                                                                               Brussels, 25 March 2022


Last week, the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights conducted a visit to Romania at the border with Ukraine in the Suceava county, visiting one of the accommodation centres located in Radauti, as well as the crossing-point in Siret.

The Delegation was headed by MEP Dragos Pislaru (Renew, Romania), Vice-Chair of the Intergroup on Children’s Rights and Chair of the Employment (EMPL) Committee and was organized in cooperation with Save the Children.

The delegation encompassed also representatives from the civil society organizations, among which Mr. Jacob Flardh, Secretary-General of Child10 and featured meetings with local authorities and practitioners working on the ground, as well as law-enforcement at the border with Ukraine.

I am particularly impressed to see the great work done by the civil society organizations on the ground to ensure that children are taken care of and are safe once they reach Romania. While the situation has been now focused primarily on the emergency needs, as regards registration at the border, I think it is essential we already work at EU level on a package of integrated measures more for the mid- and long-term needs to fully integrate Ukrainian refugees who choose to stay in Romania.” – said MEP Dragos Pislaru.

Yesterday, the European Commission released a communication “Ukraine: EU support to help Member States meet the needs of refugees” which provides a number of concrete recommendations to help Romania, Poland and all other neighbouring countries in the management of this huge flow of refugees entering the EU.


After a year since the publication of the Child Guarantee, and the current Russian invasion at our doorstep of our Union, with an ever-changing crisis unfolding before our eyes, we have a unique opportunity to make full use of all these funds. It is key that these resources are effectively used for all children, and that Member States can fully implement the EU Child Rights Strategy and to ensure protection and adequate care to all children entering the EU, leaving no one behind”- concluded MEP Dragos Pislaru.


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For more information, please contact:

Mr. Emilio Puccio, Secretary-General of the Intergroup on Children’s Rights


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